Antique Restoration & Repair
Upholstery & Refinishing

About All In One

Candido and Van

All In One is the creation of Candido Escobedo. He founded the company to provide a single source for antique restoration and funiture repair, refinishing, and upholstery.

His skills and tools allow him to work on almost any job and exceed customer expectations.

Candido has been working on furniture since 1990. He first learned the trade under a master craftsman and continues the legacy of the highest quality work.

His reputation for quality and value have made him the source for many customers and even other furniture restoration companies.

All In One specializes in antique restoration, but we also do upholstery and just about anything with fabric.

We treat each peace with care and try to reveal the inner beauty.

Contact us today to learn more and to see what we can do for your special project.