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All In One Services

All In One isn't just a name. We are your one stop shop for restoration and repair services. It doesn't matter what type of furniture you have: tables, chairs, hide-a-beds, clocks. We can fix them all.

We specialize in:


Whether it has water damage, scratches, or missing parts, we can repair the damage and create a replica of missing parts.

We recognize that the sentimental value can exceed the cash value, and treat each piece with respect and great care. We can help restore the natual beauty to your beloved items and provide many more years of enjoyment and memories.


Why buy new furniture when you can touch up what you already have? Desks, wood filing cabinets, chairs, tables, bookcases, storage cabinets, as well as sofas and chairs for your reception area can be scratched, stained, or otherwise damaged. Let us restore or repair your item(s), saving your bottom line.


We can repair scratched tables and chairs, as well as replace the upholstery in a booth.

It will be almost like a new item without the added cost.

Candido sewing

We also do:

  • Picture frame repair
  • Custom upholstery and woodwork
  • Hardwood floor repairs
  • Restorations of pianos and clocks
  • Classic car upholstery
  • Wood working
  • Chair caning (also known as seat weaving)

At All In One Antique Restoration, we are able to fix minor repairs on location. For major repairs, we will take it to our shop for repairs, and then deliver it to your home or place of business.

You will be pleased with our ability to match wood and upholstery colors!